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Green Boheme

The Green Boheme program has certainly represented for IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL, during the last two years, the most advanced range of garden and porch products, from the point of view of a realistic imitation of nature, particularly in the form of a vivid approximation of the surfaces intertwined rattan, obtained thanks to the industrial process of injection molding and to a technologically advanced generation of molds. Through the Green Boheme catalog, however, IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL has understood and intends to pursue a second and more ambitious objective, represented by the radical reduction of virgin polypropylene necessary, as it was until two years ago, for the production of the articles belonging to the Boheme program , like the similar ones, or the radical reduction of the oil content of these articles (oil foot print reduction). Thanks to the new Greenpol polymer formulations - ie the new green polymeric compounds based on recycled polypropylene from packaging, developed and patented worldwide, starting from 2012, and in a growing percentage, IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL is gradually showing itself able to reduce the virgin polypropylene content, between 50% and 100%, replacing these quantities with recycled polymers, specifically with polymeric compounds based on recycled polypropylene from packaging.

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