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CONSITALIA: listen to the ideas and suggestions of the catering and tourism operators
05 Apr

CONSITALIA: listen to the ideas and suggestions of the catering and tourism operators

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The Association of Italian Consumers collects the appeal of the operators of the Catering, Tourism, people of the VAT numbers and undertakes to represent them with the authorities in charge with urgent, effective and conclusive solutions.

An appeal to the Sicilian Region, to the regional, national "Sicilian" parliamentarians and to all the authorities in charge.

“I am Auteri Antonino Administrator and Member of a group that has been operating in the Catering Sector since 2008 together with my brothers, now because of COVID-19 we are facing a situation that is as difficult as the sector in which we operate is one of those most affected, along with that of Tourism and in general of all business owners. The situation we are facing is similar to that of many colleagues and the most worrying thing is the uncertainty of what awaits us.

I'm trying to protect my employees with the tools made available by the state and with the help of the unions to guarantee them their jobs.

The same cannot be said for companies, which find themselves without ad hoc tools to deal with such an emergency.

The concern arises from the fact that to date we are continuing to honor our commitments with Banks, Utilities, suppliers and rents, without really working and honestly I don't know how long we will still be able to resist this general massacre. banquets from our customers continue exponentially.

My appeal to the Italian State is that Concrete help is needed, facilitated access to bank credit, cancellations to Crif, help with regards to rents and not the 60% tax credit, because if we do not produce we cannot pay, in addition to the suspension total of taxes and contributions for the whole year 2020 and blocking of promissory notes and checks at least until 31 December 2020. "

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